Mission statement

The Heinrich Schütz House

is a museum of cultural and musical history in Saxony-Anhalt. It is devoted to the composer Heinrich Schütz, who resided and worked in the building. The museum views itself as a memorial site of, and important supraregional research facility on Schütz, offering extensive interdisciplinary exhibitions and public events related to his life, oeuvre, and reception.

The museum was founded in 1985 and is administered by the town of Weissenfels.


Research inquiries

Dr. Maik Richter



 +49 (0) 3443 2390383


Museum Ticket Desk

Dirk Kreutzmann

Gerd Schlehahn

Angela Simon

+49 (0) 3443 2390381


Staff member (organization, museum education)

Grit Jahr

supported by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs programme “Social Participation in the Labour Market”

Sponsoring Association

Weissenfels Music Association “Heinrich Schütz” e. V.


+49 (0)3443 – 302835



Bank account:

Weißenfelser Musikverein „Heinrich Schütz“ e.V.
DE55 8005 3000 3000 2555 07
Sparkasse Burgenlandkreis

The Weissenfels Music Association “Heinrich Schütz” e.V. was founded on 25 May 1993 and has 70 members at present. The Association has supported the town of Weissenfels’s efforts regarding the Heinrich Schütz House Museum and helped with organizing events from the outset. In 2003, the Association took over the administration of the museum from the town. In the years that followed, the Weissenfels Music Association successfully developed the offerings of the Heinrich Schütz House and increased its profile far beyond the town of Weissenfels. To date, the Association’s most important achievement has been the renovation of the Heinrich Schütz House and the redesign of the permanent exhibition, carried out between 2009 and 2012. In 2016 the town of Weissenfels took back over the administration of the Heinrich Schütz House from the Association; since then the latter has promoted the museum in a sponsoring capacity.


President Manfred Hoyer
Vice-president Dr. Johannes Kreis
Treasurer Margit Schmidt
Board members Beate Benesch
  Dr. Wolfgang Knopp
  Stephan Kujas
  Marion Mendrok
  Erika Tauché

To join the Weissenfels Music Association “Heinrich Schütze.V.”, click here to download the membership application form (PDF). Mail the completed and signed form to the address given below. Memberships are subject to approval by the Board. You will be sent a membership pass and an official letter of welcome, once your membership has been approved.

Download the bylaws of the Weissenfels Music Association “Heinrich Schütze.V.” here.


The Heinrich Schütz House’s Board of Trustees brings together twenty-two prominent individuals from all over Germany. Their aim is to assist the town of Weissenfels in its efforts to promote the musical legacy of Heinrich Schütz, in conjunction with the town’s other important cultural traditions. The Trustees initiate and promote projects with the objective of increasing the museum’s national and international profile, and to attract visitors from around the globe. The Board will also play an important role in preparing the celebrations of the 350th anniversary of Heinrich Schütz’s death; they will be held in 2022.

President Dr. Christoph Palmer
Vice-president Dr. Tamara Zieschang
Vice-president Matthias Rexroth
  Dr. Dietrich Birk
  Dr. h.c. Rudolf  Böhmler
  Prof. Dr. Alexander Bosse
  Rüdiger Erben
  Martin Friz
  Klemens Gutmann
  Siegmar Mosdorf
  Dr. Karl Ohl
  Bettina Quäschning
  Prof. Hans-Christoph Rademann
  Robby Risch
  Dr. Gunnar Schellenberger
  Friedrich Schock
  Gabriele Schock
  Prof. Dr. Burkhard Schwenker
  Dieter Stier
  Alexander Thies
  Götz Ulrich
  Leonhard Zintl